C: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Well Why not start off with this review, I did this review on MAL, and would just like to copy and paste it, but also tweak it some more. Now on MAL I would get nasty comments about how I was doing my reviews, or how I could think an anime was great when in their opinion it wasn’t. Seriously? I mean reviews are in the person’s own opinion, so what I like an anime you don’t, it didn’t give them the right to bash me. Which is why I branched out to this site. So here is the review I wrote way back when this anime had just ended.

(I deleted the first paragraph as it was just a long rant)

Story- (9) Baka is a school story with a twist, the summoned beasts, well they are not beasts more like a mini me of the summoner. The show is so hilarious though, that I could not stop laughing every time I watched an episode. The awkward moments between characters make it all the better. Every once in a while there will be a scene that will confuse you, but all you have to do is rewind and watch again and you should get it. The fights can get hilarious. See you have class A-F (F being most of the main characters), they have tests to determine which class they are in, but also tests to rack up life points for their summoning character to fight with. There are various shounen-ai and shoujo-ai references but they are so minimal to the point where it does not even need to be on the list of genres.

Art- (7) Eh there is not much you can say about the art, does anyone ever talk about the art? Really you do? *Sigh* ok I will try and come up with something. The art is average, nothing wrong with it, but nothing special if you get what I am talking about. I do like how sometimes it goes into a black and white, ads to the dramatic effect of the scene. The art really wasn’t the best part of this anime.

Sound- (10) Well the opening is good, the ending is good. The sound effects are good. Overall I love the sound for this anime. The opening being my favorite of course. The match-ups of the seiyuus to the characters were spot on as almost always (note I only watch subbed).

Character- (10) Oh gawd, what can you not say about this funny bunch of idiots. You know when you get a group of Bakas and stick them into a room together there is going to be trouble. And there is just that a lot of downright hilarious situations of trouble. From romance troubles, to fight backfires, just about anything you can think of these, bunch have or will get into. You have a genius that has health issues and confidence issues whose cooking kills (not in a good way), you have a complete idiot that has to do work for the teachers, a guy with a perverted fetish, a guy who everyone thinks is a girl because he acts and looks like it, a girl who is obsessed about breast sizes (mainly ones bigger than her) and really likes the complete idiot, then you have the gang of idiots who where the weird outfits (yeah I know what they look like but I really don’t want to say it), and then the leader of them all who is sort of a mystery, it is like he gets things wrong on purpose, but at the same time he gets himself in lots of idiotic situations, he is afraid of his girlfriend (sort of she basically owns him, and come to think of it If I was him I would be afraid of her too). Roll them all together and you have a recipe for disaster every time, but it never stops to entertain you.

Overall- (10) You may not agree but eh that is the way things go sometimes, not everyone can agree you know (such is life). This is a great anime, it is short but sweet. The only thing I don’t like is that it is now licensed by funimation and is hard to find, plus funimation changed the English name of it (as FUNI tends to do). Don’t get me wrong FUNI is not a bad company, it is just a stingy one.  So after reading this and you want to check it out, there are still a few sites that are streaming it, including FUNI’s. If you don’t agree and don’t want to watch it that is ok too. I found this anime to be highly enjoyable. If you need a laugh this is the anime for you.

Recommendation Level: B, wasn’t quite A material but hey not everything is perfect. Still is an anime to watch, specially if you like comedies.

(Note: This review was taken directly from my MAL reviews, if I missed changing some wording, I am sorry)


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