C: Ookami Kakushi

So this is another review I am copying directly from my MAL reviews. Hope you enjoy it, if not comment and tell me why, I am still an amateur you know I need feedback, although I could do without “your opinion is wrong, how could you think that” nonsense.

Prelude: Ookami Kakushi, is as we all know a new anime for the 2009-2010 Winter Season of anime. A season that has very much been a disappointment to most of us that follow anime, season to season, like I do. This season was basically the season of ecchi anime, so yeah if you are an ecchi fan go check those out cause I am sure you will like em. I myself am not so much an ecchi fan. Ookami Kakushi has been one of the black sheep of the season, and not in a bad way. This anime is practically one of the only anime worth watching of the season, unless you are an ecchi fan.

Story: (9) The story line is very interesting, it does fall on the same lines as Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, with a slight twist. I won’t go into detail as to what that twist is, because I am one of those people that would not like it if someone spoiled the show for me, so why make myself a hypocrite and do the same to you, the readers. All I can tell you is you will not be disappointed if you liked Higurashi. There are so far a few twists in the story, but hey what would a psychological anime be without twists. If you are wondering yes there is blood and yes there is murder, that wasn’t much of a spoiler was it? I hope not.

Art: (9) Ah the Art, what can I say about the art? Well its Artsy, lol. Just kidding. Ookami Kakushi does have a very clean, very modern art style. Peach-Pit, the mangaka duo, did a lovely job on this anime, with the original character design. And for those When they Cry fans, this will be a familiar name, I hope. Ryukishi07 (Don’t know if that is his real name, it is just what MAL has), the original creator of Ookami Kakushi and When they Cry series, also did a lovely job. So if you have not already noticed yes Ookami Kakushi does have the same or at least very similar art style to, When they Cry.

Sound: (10) Now my favorite part, the sound. A lot of animes have fallen short in this category but you know what Ookami doesn’t. The opening is lovely, I do have to say it is not as dark as it probably should be for an anime of this caliber. To those who have tried the VN, nope it is not the same opening, sorry. I have heard the VN opening and I have to say that it is way better than the anime opening, although the anime opening is not bad. Ok to stop my rambling I will move onto the ending. The ending is also good, although it is a little to upbeat. It has lovely flow and the singer has a great voice, just don’t think it was a good choice for this particular anime, the background music is just a little to techno like in my opinion. And to my favorite sound part, the well I am not sure what you would call it, it is just the sound and music you hear throughout the anime at certain parts. The music during the murder scenes is to die for. Very dark, very awesome. Can’t wait for the OST to come out, it is just that good. The voice acting was pretty good, as always Japanese match-ups are really spot on. You won’t be disappointed though, there are no really “nail on chalkboard” kind of voices.

Character: (8) Now see this is where they somewhat lost me, the character. The character while somewhat entertaining, are also somewhat boring. An annoying girl clinging on to the main guy, yeah that is a little cliche. There are some very weird moments with the characters, like there are some flashes of what seems to be yaoi, but not exactly. I as a yaoi fan, should know when I see it, but it just seems weird to me. See I can’t really even explain the characters with out any spoilers, so I cave and gave you a little hint of it. This is a very enjoyable anime. A lot of the stuff they do is a little cliche, and if you are a psychological fan, maybe even a little predictable.

Overall: (10) Obviously you’re enjoyment level depends on you’re personal preference in genre. If you are a psychological, Mystery anime fan you will love this. If you are a mecha fan, well sorry this is not for you. If you are a romance in a dark way anime fan, this is also for you. Overall I give this anime a 10/10. In my opinion there is not much you could not like about Ookami Kakushi.

Recommendation Level: B really good anime, sort of one dimensional meaning you really have to like psychological anime to get into this.


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