M: Shiki (17/22)

So yeah this is one not from MAL, whoopee, lol. I chose to do a review on Shiki even though it is not finished yet because it is a really awesome anime that people should see and because it is not a licensed anime many fans probably don’t know about it unless they are a non-mainstream fan like me. The numbers in the title show how many episodes I have watched per the number total. So I guess I will get on with the review.

Prelude: So I guess you are wondering, just what is Shiki about, or what does Shiki mean. I am glad you asked. Shiki is a horror (one of the few I actually watch), supernatural, mystery anime. Shiki basically means corpse demon. And no I know what you are thinking, this isn’t a zombie anime (you want a zombie anime go watch Highschool of the Dead). This anime is something totally different, and I really can’t reveal it because that would be a spoiler and I don’t really like giving spoilers out, you will just have to watch to find out. I can tell you Shiki brings back the old legends, one that had all but seemed lost in the past few years.

Story: (10) This anime takes place in an old village called Sotoba. Generally a quite village, however during one hot summer, a series of mysterious deaths and disappearances occur, all seem to revolve around the newly build mansion by the Kirishikis. Now the village itself has a legend one that only the older crowd believes in. The legend of the Okiagiri, or raised ones (meaning raised from the dead). Oops I think I have said to much, oh well. Overall the story plot line is one that is great for any fan. There are twists, that just flow into the story like nothing happened. It really is highly enjoyable. There are some really creepy scenes that I suggest you don’t watch during the night or in the dark *cough* *cough* ep 4 or 5 and 16 *cough* *cough* sorry bout that got something caught in my throat I guess. The plot is starting to pick up, and things are going to get interesting soon, so if you haven’t started watching I suggest you do.

Art: (8) Well the art is pretty unique. Lots of fluorescence which we don’t see to much of. Wacky hair do’s as well are common in this anime. I think the mangakas did a great job on the character design as that really tie in well with the theme. It could be a little better but who can complain really. But seriously did every main character need such a wacky do? Also there are some scenes with some really nasty design to them, I suggest you don’t eat while watching this anime, unless you like seafood.

Sound: (10) The opening (well at least the first one) really fit well. It was really dark. I am not really a fan of the second opening as to me it just doesn’t fit well with the theme. The endings were ok, pretty romantic but still ok. The best part is the theme music and the music during the show. Really, really good and fits well. It is really hard to describe it but it really just keeps you in tuned. The voice acting is for the most part great. There are a few voices that I can’t stand, but then again I can’t stand those characters. There is one “nail on chalkboard” voice and unfortunately he doesn’t die.

Character: (8) Like I said there are a few characters I don’t like. Like the dude who wanted his cousin dead because he was jealous. And the crazy old lady who disappears. The father who is too protective of his son, and his way of life he is blind to what is around him. But for the most part the rest of the characters although a little quirky are great to watch. The interactions are funny at times, serious at others, and downright scary in all others. Some of the characters are really creepy, specially those who walk the night. My favorite characters are the doctor and the Jr. monk, plus the city boy.

Overall: (10) Overall this anime is a great one. It is different than some of your typical anime, and will probably never hit mainstream. But to me that is a good thing, I’d rather watch something not tarnished by fame. I personally can’t get enough of it. When there was a 3 week hiatus I almost died, lol not really but you know what I mean. I look forward to this anime every weekend. Usually it comes out every Thursday I believe, maybe wrong on that one.

Recommendation: A~Absolutely a must see anime, if you never watch another anime in your life you have to watch Shiki before you stop.


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