C: Dance in the Vampire Bund

Dance in the Vampire Bund is a perfect anime to review next, as it is an anime to see. Sure it doesn’t follow the manga well, in fact not at all. Which if you don’t like that, you should watch and not read the manga or vice versa. However if you like vampire romance anime, I would watch this one.

Cute Couple

Story: (7) Like I said it doesn’t follow the manga, which is usually a sin to anime fans, but this one works. The first episode is completely off based, I am not even sure where they got it from. They add characters not in the manga, I guess they didn’t like some of the characters and wanted to bring new life or something. There are slight differences between character background stories, slight but still noticeable. I would recommend watching the anime first if you are persistent in watching the manga and the anime. Just note that there are differences between the two, I am not responsible for any confusion you experience. (yes that is a disclaimer, you see it) The plot however is easy to follow, and in my opinion is one of the better vampire romance anime, not the best but one of. When it comes to romance bloodsuckers do it best, I think we can all agree on that one. The anime is short so it does leave a lot to the imagination if one doesn’t read the manga.

Character: (9) In my opinion this is one of the best aspects of the whole anime. Yeah you have some mediocre, predictable characters, but hey what anime doesn’t. Mina is probably by far the best, very different as she almost seems to have a double personality. One minute she is a narcissistic, all powerful ruler, the next she is a benevolent and sweet vampire. All in all this is a powerful class of characters.

Art: (10) The art is great, fighting scenes are the best. The art is appealing to ones eyes, for all you art fanatics you will not be disappointed. Yes there is quite a bit of nudity, and yes there is a 10 year old looking girl nude most of the time, however don’t fret this is not shota/loli-con. You just have to see to understand. Yes there is blood so if you don’t like that, this anime is not for you. Of course if you didn’t like blood you wouldn’t be watching vampire anime. The lines are clean and simple while very detailed, if you have any idea what that means good (I certainly don’t lol). Colors are vibrant but very dark at times, as to be expected though.

Sound: (8) Sound is pretty good, could be better. Sound effects were great, all the background music fit well. What could be better were the forgettable OP and ED. I would have to go back and see what they were as I really can’t remember.

Overall: (8) Overall I give this anime a satisfactory rating. If you like romance and vampires, go ahead and watch this. You really have to take these reviews with a grain of salt, you may not like vampire bund. I know plenty that didn’t, I particularly did.

Recommendation Level: C I give it a middle rating because of the fact that many don’t like this anime, or think that SHAFT butchered it. I liked it, it is worth watching to find out if you like it. Is it award winning material? No Is it something good to watch if you are bored? Yes.


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