C: Giant Killing

Seems like I have written a lot of reviews today, but really it has only been like two. This is probably one of the only sports anime I have seen and will probably be the only one. At first glance at the name I really had no idea that it was going to be a sports anime, I just thought it was cool.

Prelude: Basically this anime is about redemption and teamwork. The desire to redeem your reputation is really thick. This anime has so many great messages it is hard to begin talking about just one. However a review must be done, so let’s get started shall we.

Story: (10) The reason I don’t watch too many sports anime is because the stories tend to be one dimensional and pretty boring. I wasn’t really going to watch Giant Killing in the beginning but I decided to watch for the hell of it. Boy am I glad I did. Giant Killing while yes is about a down and beaten football team (yes soccer for the cultural ignoramuses out there) Just when all seemed lost an eccentric, familiar face shows itself and promises that this year will be different. Lots of unorthodox training methods get instilled and it snowballs from there. The story is highly enjoyable it is not all about the game as sports anime tend to be. Messages of teamwork and never giving up and believing in yourself are the highlights of Giant Killing. This anime is essentially David vs. Goliath retold through the game of football. Hence the name “Giant Killing”.

Characters: (9) The characters develop right before our eyes, all coincidentally on the playing field. You have the over zealous new Manager whose methods are so far fetched many don’t think they will work. Also this manager is a cunning one never reveals anything to the press. You have the “prince”, the speedy newbie, a hot head, an idiot, the paranoid one, and the seasoned calm headed players all rolled into one team. Seems to me like a bunch of misfits, which is basically what they are. But it works for this anime. It really is interesting to watch each and every character grow throughout this short anime. I really do like all the different nationalities portrayed in the anime, quite refreshing from just Japanese.

Sound: (8) Well not all of it is in Japanese, since their are coaches/managers/players from other countries of course there are other languages. I don’t like how it seems like two languages are over lapping each other at the same time, sometimes the voices are jumbled. But other than that it is highly enjoyable. I love Manager Tatsumi’s voice, just plain hilarious at times. The opening is really good specially the very beginning of it. The ending is not to my liking but it is not bad. The majority of the sound during the games is just like a real football game, which really makes you feel like you are there in person, pretty cool.

Art: (8) The art is pretty simple, and straightforward, nothing to special. But that is only at first glance, take a closer look and you can see the very detail that separates the looks of almost all the characters. There are of course some similarities but aren’t all anime like that. The animation during the game is outstanding. The art as well really brings you into the anime, which I find to be a highlight.

Overall: (9) This is an anime for all you sports fans to see. I marathoned it, and each episode kept me wanting more at the end. Hopefully there will be more to come from this anime, and it doesn’t end with 26 episodes.

Recommendation Level: A another must see anime, even if you don’t like sports I recommend it because it is not only about the sport of football, lots of funny scenes, some really heartfelt ones as well.


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Just a dire hard anime fan, not an Otaku as I find that word degrading. But anime isn't my only hobby, I also enjoy showing dogs in various competitions (conformation, obedience/rally, hunt tests, etc)
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