C: Blade of the Immortal

So the next few reviews that are coming up will just be reviews taken from my MAL. I want to finish bringing all of those over before continuing with more new reviews. This review however is going to need some work, as there is not much to it on MAL.

Such a good couple

Prelude: Blade of the immortal is an interesting anime. It is historical although I don’t think it is real history if you know what I mean. It was pretty good, but hard to follow at points. I enjoyed it so I hope at least some of you do to.

Story: (8) They story was good, but like I said hard to follow at times. Really have to pay attention to it. I liked the content, it reminded me a lot of Rurouni Kenshin, it lots of aspects, but at the same time it was unique in various areas. It is set in old time Japan, age of samurai.

Art: (9) The art is average at best, but you know it is true to the manga. So because of that it gets a 9. I loved the character design myself, sometimes simple is really the best. The scenery however was quite detailed, which is a breathe of fresh air really. The fight scenes were also quite in detail.

Character: (10) I really enjoyed this aspect. All the characters were different. Some really weird ones, some average, some eccentric, etc. The main characters were highly enjoyable. You can just feel their emotions sometimes.

Sound: (10) Despite what some people think, the sound was actually my favorite part. I loved the opening song, some people think is is nails on chalkboards but I don’t. All the songs sound like old (hard to describe) songs, that well fit this anime. Now is it nail on chalkboards, I didn’t get that vibe obviously. You are either going to like it or hate it, might as well choose. Just a note there is not a lot of background music.

Overall: (8) Overall I give it a middle rating, you either like it or you don’t, really no in between. I do suggest not reading the manga first or you might be very disappointed. I think the problem is not really the content, but rather the fact that 20 volumes or so were condensed into a 13 episode series. So of course lots of content had to be left out, like a lot of character backgrounds. Well guess that is what the manga is for, lol.

Recommendation Level: C Again a middle rating just because you are either going to hate it or love it. I thought it was pretty good, would I watch it again? Probably not but then again I rarely watch anime more than once.


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