D: Gallery Fake (6/37)

I dropped this anime, not because I hated it, on the contrary I loved it, problem is I am having a hard time finding it since Crunchroll went legit, don’t you just hate that. So my review will be short, yeah again from MAL. If you happen to find it, let me know I would really enjoy finishing it (preferably in japanese).

Story: (10) I promise you will never see another anime with such a unique story/plot line. The fluidity is to die for in my opinion. It is very sophisticated, which is typical of a seinen,  but at the same time still has it’s light funny moments. Every episode is different, yet still has ties to the previous episode, hence the fluidity is to die for part. But what really gets me, and kept me in tuned was how accurately it portrays the art community, not only that but the black market as well (we will just forget that last part). The story is just really cutting edge, it is too bad I can’t find it anywhere.

Art: (10) Gallery Fake is all about the art, literately. It because of that fact that the character design is so well put together. Not only that but the paintings are to a T, which to me is outstanding.

Character: (10) What is not to love about the characters in the anime. I really don’t like spoiling this, but the characters are very intriguing, specially the main ones. You have the owner of FAKE, who knows a fake when he sees one, and doesn’t even need to get up close. He is cunning, and smart, and really knows how to handle himself in a spat. The main girl, the art curator, is a very strong character, in more ways than one. The characters are really what make the portrayal of the art world a success.

Sound: (10) If you like Jazz, you are going to love this. All the music has a jazzy feel to it. The opening itself is a Jazz song, which I loved. It really is a breath of fresh air from the J-pop, and J-rock songs.  I didn’t like the ending but that is just me.

Overall: (10) Hands down this is a must see anime if you can find it that is. Like I have said I have looked everywhere, but you never know. Absolutely one of the best anime from the past 10 years.

Recommendation Level: (A)- Of course I have to give this anime high ratings, it is astounding to me that no anime site has picked it up. Outstanding, Outstanding, Outstanding.


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Just a dire hard anime fan, not an Otaku as I find that word degrading. But anime isn't my only hobby, I also enjoy showing dogs in various competitions (conformation, obedience/rally, hunt tests, etc)
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