100th Anime Completed: UraBoku

So this is a special review to me, because it is a landmark. Uraboku is my 100th anime completed, and it is so exciting. What a day to be finishing my 100th anime, huh. I didn’t even know it at first till I plugged it into MAL. And such a great anime to be completing a first milestone with. 150 here we come, lol.

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Story: (9) Superb, absolutely superb. Yeah some people say it is cliched, but I am not some people. I absolutely loved this anime, from the beginning, even before it came out I knew I was going to enjoy this anime. Yes it is classified as shounen-ai, but that is all to interpretation. Some of the male characters are a little overly buddy/buddy but they have been through a lot together, so that is what I chalk it up to be. I rarely got any shounen-ai vibes, and you know I am a dire hard Yaoi fan, so I of course would see it. Yes I know the picture is telling otherwise, but I assure you have nothing to worry about non-yaoi fans. Other than that the plot is great, easy to follow, and in my opinion quite unique, at least I have never watched anything like. Humans with powers, and ancient clan, demons, etc, all rolled into one power packing anime. What I didn’t like was how it ended in a cliffhanger, don’t you just hate those?

Art: (8) Eh it could be better, the fighting scenes are the highlight. There is not much blood you see, so those that don’t like blood can rest easy. All the characters have similar design, so nothing but coloration and a few small differences occur. It is very similar art to Vampire knight, so if you like vampire knight, you will like this. The emotions just flow real well through the art, which sometimes is hit and miss, well this anime hit and hit hard.

Characters: (10) Outstanding bunch in my opinion. The innocence of Yuki, a male character I might add is refreshing. Not to many male characters portray such a powerful amount of innocence, if you know what I mean. But no matter how innocent he may be portrayed as, he is still strong when it matters. Luka is always interesting to watch, the interactions between the two are so breath taking, yes they are two guys, but you have to watch to really understand. The rest of the cast of characters all have a troubled past with heavy burdens, it is great to see the characters develop and evolve throughout the series. It is also great to see a would-be villain show a bit of compassion, yes I like villains to be villains but it is nice to see it once in a while, makes the story more interesting. Also for kicks a few oddballs are thrown into the mix.

Sound: (10) I absolutely loved it. The opening song was great, both of them that is. The background music was superb, and really set the tone for the scene. The endings were great for this anime. Just overall great. Some of the voice acting was iffy. I mean why make the main character sound like he has a cold all the time? Pretty annoying that was.

Overall: (9) Absolutely a must see anime. Even if you don’t like shounen-ai, go ahead and give this a try because there really isn’t anything of the sort in this anime, I am not even sure why it is classified as that.

Recommendation Level: (A) Like I said superb, and in my opinion was a great choice for my 100th anime (even though I didn’t know it at the time)

NOTE: Full name is Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru


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