D: Bobobo-Bo Bo-bobo (2/76)

My gawd (yes I spell it that way), that is a mouthful. I think this anime has become infamous enough for me to not need to tell you why I dropped it. Let’s just get to the review, shall we.

Really who comes up with this stuff?

Story: (3) Well what can you say about something that is such a jumbled mess, that it literally will have you pulling your hair out, unless you like that kind of stuff. Now don’t get me wrong, Bobobo as it is colloquially known, does have it’s funny moments, somewhere I am sure. There really isn’t much of a story to this anime, basically looks like an episode is thought on the spot. And its so stupid at times, it leaves you wondering why you even bothered giving this anime a chance. Can really call this rubbish an anime?

Art: (4) The art is definitely out of this world, but then again so is the entire anime. It certainly fit this style of anime well. If this anime really has any style that is. It is very cartoon like, but just dam weird.

Characters: (3) Where do I begin? Well let’s start by saying there is only one sane character among the whole cast. And even she has her insane moments. I understand this is basically a parody anime, meant to poke fun and for sheer laughs, but my gawd, where do you draw the line? The guy has little people living inside him for dam sake. If that ain’t creepy enough, you have a pink poop headed man, a blue gumby, the villain is a skin head (sort of), A walking talking sun, a guy who turns into a baby, and so much more weirdness all rolled into one anime. Yeah I know what you are thinking, who the hell could have created such a mess? I personally think the guy was high at the time.

Sound: (2) The sound was really forgettable. No really I can’t remember a single thing about it.

Overall: (1) Seriously I can’t even go on about this, it is just two dang annoying. It really was a horrible anime. I guess if you like slapstick weird humor you should watch it, but even for your dire hard weird comedy fans, you may have met your match.

Recommendation Level: (E) I seriously could only watch a few episodes of this dribble. That being said, if you were say drunk off your rocker you might enjoy this anime, just don’t go imitating it.


About chaospheonix

Just a dire hard anime fan, not an Otaku as I find that word degrading. But anime isn't my only hobby, I also enjoy showing dogs in various competitions (conformation, obedience/rally, hunt tests, etc)
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