Winter 2011 Anime Season

So I decided to do something a little different for this one. I want to give my first impression of the upcoming season, as it will be starting pretty soon I believe. I will give my impressions on some of the anime I will probably watch further and a few that I won’t. There are just too many to do in one review. And yay pictures this time, lol.

Wow that is a big picture, well I hope you see at least some of the pictures. Seems to me like this will probably be an average season, with many hit and miss anime with lots of people. But also with some very promising ones. I don’t want to make pre-mature assumptions about anyone being great or what not, but here are a few I find interesting.

Anime I Plan on Watching: (Top 3)

Anime: Starry Sky

FI: Starry Sky seems like it is going to be a winner this season. Not much is known about it. Except all 12 zodiac constellations are personified in handsome young men. This anime seems like it is going to follow the school life of a new transfer student, but whose to know with such cryptic descriptions.

Anime: Wolverine

FI: So this is yet another marvel comic, being turned into an anime, one of many more to come I hear. Iron man has already graced us with it’s presence (watch for a review on that), which wolverine actually makes a cameo in one episode. I think if Iron Man is any indication, wolverine is going to be a good one. And hey maybe we will even see Stan Lee (as he showed up in Hero Man, don’t think I have seen him in Iron Man). It would be perfect if the wolverine anime release coincided with the new movie, but that is not going to happen I am sure.

Anime: Gosick

FI: Seems like this is going to be an interesting one. Set in the 1920’s of a European town, this anime delves into mysteries and horrors, that you probably wouldn’t believe by the picture I put. But seriously that is what it says in the description, don’t believe me, check MAL out. If you like mysteries and horror, this may be an anime to see, whenever it comes out.

Other I plan to watch: Supernatural (yes this anime is made from the show), Goulart Knights, Fractale, Dragon Crisis.

Ones I haven’t put on my “to watch list” but may still watch:

Anime: Beelzebub

FI: Seems like it will be an interesting one. It really is just not my cup of tea, so to speak. I may give it a try because the story line is pretty intriguing. I mean a trouble maker kid, gets stuck with a demon baby, that is pretty unique, right?

Anime: Hourou Musuko

FI: What can I say, I don’t think gender benders really make it well as anime. But hey this anime may change my mind, which is why I am keeping in consideration. This anime is said to touch on various sensitive issues nowadays, so it may be a good watch.

The rest of the anime are basically all sequels of some kiddy stuff, nothing really strikes my eye as interesting. But we will see how things develop, check back for any reviews I make of these anime.

You can see a bigger image of the list here:


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