C: School Days

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I have been quite busy lately with life. But I decided to post today to keep this blog fresh. I decided to watch School Days, as I myself had heard and read good reviews about it, so this is my take on it.

Prelude: School Days is a dramatic romance anime. Basically boy falls in love with random girl on the train, boy gets hooked up with the random girl by his friend, boy decides he doesn’t like girl, boy cheats A LOT, girl suffers emotionally and psychologically, boy pays the ultimate price for betrayal. With a bunch of juicy scenes and plot twists in between.

Story: (10) The story has a great message to it. Don’t cheat, or at least don’t get caught. No but seriously, the story was really good. I usually don’t like these types of stories, but it works. Despite it’s name it is quite a dark themed anime.  Certainly shows school life well in my opinion. The bullies, the crushes, the jealousy, the betrayal, all thrown into one plot line, really does make for one hell of a show. The story was predictable to a point, but you know who wouldn’t see THAT coming. The ending chills the bones, so that is something to look forward to .

Characters: (8) Well there are some really despicable characters in this anime. Take the main guy, sexually promiscuous, cheats on not only one girl but numerous, and doesn’t give a dam about any of them. His friend is a better man than he is. And the girl he cheats with is just as bad, stealing him away and not caring about anyone but herself, till the end ,when she saw his true character. Then there are the bullies, geez can they be any less cheesy. Gang of jealous school girls, please been there done that. And his poor girlfriend who was driven into a state of sheer insanity.But hey that is school for you. There were very few characters I liked at the end of this anime. Karma befell on majority of them which was awesome to watch. It wouldn’t be a psychological anime if all the characters were all goody goody so I suppose I can’t be too picky. In the defense of the main guy I guess you could say he did have some little remorse for what he did, but he was still a sociopath till the bitter end.

Art: (7) Typical art, nothing really to special. It is consistent with the game. Yes this was a harem game. I really didn’t care for the art at all.

Sound: (8) Sound was pretty good. I like all the voice match-ups, they were as I would have imagined the characters would sound like. The opening did contrast the story however, it was too upbeat for a dark anime like this one, and the ending was forgettable. The background music however was spot on.

Overall: (9) Overall it was a good anime, one that I feel should be watched. It is a great reminder of the dark side of humanity, and the string of life that binds us all. One false move and that string can be cut, that is the price to pay for wrong deeds.

Recommendation Level: (B) I think it is an anime to see. Is it a must see? No but still should be seen. If you like twisted romance stories this certainly is the anime for you.

(Note: This is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for underaged children to see, it is rated R by the way)


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