C: Durarara!!

I have wanted to review this anime ever since I had finished it. So I guess now is as good of a time as ever. This was probably the best anime of its season, and for good reason.

No this is not the Dollars website, what you are seeing is a picture. It would be cool however is someone made a legit Dollars website that actually worked. But have not seen anything of the sort, so whatever. On to the review.

Story: (10) Possibly one of the most unusual stories I have ever watched, next to Gallery Fake. So much action goes on in this one city, where more than half the population probably don’t even know it exists. The color gangs, the dullahan and her trusty steed (a bike), the human loving informant, two dangerous strong men, and a killer demon. Not to mention, Dollars. Not you might ask, Just who in the world are Dollars? And that is a very good question because it barely gets answered in the anime. Dollars is a colorless gang, colorless in more ways than one, they barely do any action except in one or two episodes. But that’s all cool, that is the way their leader would have it. And you will never guess who that is, based on the beginning of the series. There are so many plot twists and juicy stories it just makes this anime awesome. The story is centered around 3 friends, and their trials and tribulations in Ikebukuro, with a few other characters rolled in. I really could not get enough of this anime, and wish more would come. This certainly was the best of its season hands down.

Characters: (10) All the characters are unique in their own right. I really have never seen such a bunch of not what they seem at first characters as this anime provides. Take Mikado, who came to Ikebukuro because his friend Masaomi made it sound so great, or so we think. Masaomi is also not what he seems to be a first, such a womanizer. Then there is Anri who seems like this shy studious typethat may be true, she hascharacters develop throughout the series. Shizuo is probably one of my faves, I mean seriously who wouldn’t love a guy who has superhuman strength. And then there is the hilarious Seymon from Russia, who you would just love how they made him butcher the Japanese language brings a nice touch of humor to a dramatic anime. Then there is that gang of 4, whose names escape me, but they are an odd bunch. Two are textbook sadists, Otakus as well, the other two have tempers, quite a combination. Then there is Celty who is said to be one of the most dangerous characters (said by Masaomi) but in reality she is just looking to fit in. Two weird doctors, father and son, found her on a boat. About the only character I don’t like is Izaya, the human loving informant, who knows how to handle himself in a fight, but also seems to be the

Art: (10) I liked the art in the anime. Celty was awesome the black smoke and all. The city is really impecably done. Very accurate. All the characters are really clean lined and drawn well. The fight scenes were great. Not much more I can say about it other than outstanding job well done.

Sound: (9) I really enjoyed the sound. I did not like the background music whenever Saika came in the the picture it was quite annoying. But other than that I highly enjoyed all the openings and endings, and majority of the background music. It really sets the mood of the scenes well.

Overall: (10) Absolutely marvelous, if I could give it a higher score I would but 10 is my limit. I really do hope they make another season but chances are they won’t. Guess I will just have to read the manga.

Recommendation Level: (A) Superb, a must see anime.


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Just a dire hard anime fan, not an Otaku as I find that word degrading. But anime isn't my only hobby, I also enjoy showing dogs in various competitions (conformation, obedience/rally, hunt tests, etc)
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