E: Shiki 18/22

So like I said (*added yesterday shush* =) ) on the about review page, from time to time I am going to do episode reviews. If the episode is awesome or really bad that is, average episodes will probably not make the cut. These reviews are going to be a little different, they won’t have a format, just my response to it and a grading at the end, might do stars for these lol. So onto the review/reaction.

Mr. Yuuki has gone bonkers.

OMG, OMG,OMG by far the best episode of the series to date. So many awesome scenes rolled into one big episode, a few twists you probably would have never seen coming were revealed as well. Just look at Natsuno’s Dad, if you can believe that is him. Apparently the shock of his son’s death plus reappearance was just too much of a shock for the old man. When he stabbed Tatsumi, I just laughed. Awesome scene. His insane laugh was to die for, I could not stop my own laughter. Tatsumi’s outfit was atrocious, ugh what does he think he is all that? Just plain ugly to me, spiked shoulders, large V neck, with leopard print as well, oy vey.

It is just a bandage for Gawd Sake

Chizuru’s reaction to the bandage was a little over the top, anyone agree? I mean reminiscing is all good and fun, but wow, just wow. The doctor looked like a drone, but I guess that is to be expected after he had his blood drained by Chizuru and has to obey this childish woman’s orders. Actually chizuru is one of the more enjoyable main shikis, her reactions to things are quite hilarious at times. We did finally find out what the shiki want, just a town to live in piece. Yeah right I say.


AHHHHHH!!!! A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Toshio who knew. Yeah we all could tell something was coming but that smile just leaves me speechless. So now we know Toshio got bit by Natsuno, and he told Toshio not to listen to any other Shiki. Well that is a way to get things done. I am not sure if I feel bad for Chizuru or not, see I kind of want to see the humans fight back. The village people’s reactions were too great. She has no pulse, she has no heart (how someone could hear a heart beat through those boobs nobody will know), she’s cold. OMFG I think she is an okiagari, well duh that is what Toshio has been telling you all this time. That crazy old red haired bat was right. So what do they do? It’s stoning time, LOL.


Awesome, Epic Beard Man doing his thing. Who wouldn’t be afraid of this guy seriously? Atsushi’s reaction was priceless. “I can’t. There’s no way I can beat my old man” Sheer awesome. Epic Beard Man, you just saved the townspeople, what are you going to do next? “I’m gonna throw stones at the Okiagari woman”!

Poor Chizuru

Poor, Poor Chizuru, what did she ever do to deserve this? Oh yeah you killed Epic Beard Man’s son, not to mention Megumi. Still don’t know if I feel sorry for her yet or not. She does look sad, but who wouldn’t be sad and scared with rocks being flung at you.

I just re-watched it today, so I wanted to post while it was fresh. Epic episode, just plain Epic. What’s to come, who knows (you manga readers kept it to yourself, no spoilers of the upcoming episode). I smell a war though. 5 stars I tell you, 5 stars. Lol, no? Well I guess I will just stick to letters.


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