C: Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!

So I wanted to get another review up, before finals week started, as I probably won’t get any blogging done till after thursday. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to blog about, but since the recent in flux of romance anime viewers to my blog, I just had to pick this one.

Story~ (10) Kaichou is a great romance comedy anime. Throughout many episodes I could not control my laughter. The story follows school president Misaki through the trials and tribulations of the school year. See this particular school was once boys only, with the reputation of wild students. Now that it is co-ed, school just isn’t safe for the girls, which is where Misaki comes in. This isn’t your typical shoujo anime, where the girl is helpless and the guy is the hero so to speak. Misaki is actually a strong character, that puts fear into the guys. This helps to make this anime really funny, just watching the guys cower in fear can make you pop stitches. I actually enjoyed this story, Misaki has a secret to hide at all costs, but it slips out, and we have this crazy story we have. Great story overall

Characters~ (8) Great cast of characters, most are not what they seem. We have Misaki, the tough exterior president, that is really vulnerable inside. Usui, the well respected “tough” guy, who likes to see Misaki squirm, but he really is a sweet guy. Usui always comes to the rescue of Misaki, which is awesome to watch at times.  You have the tree knucklebrains, that act tough at first but then turn into blubbering idiots every time they go to the Maid cafe. The vice president who is pretty weak, and always has guys thinking he is a girl. Kanou who hates Misaki at first, begins to tolerate her, he really just is afraid of all girls. And the rest of the cast fills in quite well. The development of these character really flows, they don’t develop to fast or too slow. There are a couple characters I don’t like, and the baka trio can get annoying at times.

Art~ (7) Typical Shoujo art. Nice coloration though. Not much detail at all. Not much to say about it.

Sound~ (10) Great sound. Love the opening and ending, which is pretty rare for me. All the themes were highly enjoyable. The voice acting is quite good as always.

Overall~ (10) Quite a great anime. Romance anime lovers will enjoy this series. Just an absolutely hilarious show.

Recommendation Level~ (A) Great show. Is a must see show, for shoujo fans. One that will have you falling over backwards with laughter.


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