FI:Haiyoru! Nyaruani: Remember My Love(craft-sensei)

So this is one of my very first impression reviews. Haiyoru is the first anime of the winter 2011 season to come out. And even though I did not add this to my list, I still decided to at least watch the first episode of all first season anime of winter 2011. On to the review.

This says it all.

First Impression: So after watching the first episode, that recently got subbed, I can see why I never gave this anime a second thought, when putting my list together. I don’t know if it is always going to be like this but the first episode was flash animation. I personally don’t like flash animation, so if this is what it is going to be, I probably might as well drop it. This first episode was a merely 4 minutes long, again don’t know if this is just a first episode thing. The content was hard to follow, I wasn’t even sure what was going on, I mean it seemed pretty ecchi to me, but in a weird way. Of course they just had to tease us with the ending song having good animation. And why at the very end was it live action? This is just to weird for me, I think I am pulling out of this one. I don’t even know what categories to put this in.

I think what I said to myself at the end of this, can summarize it all. “What in the hell was that?”.

Recommendation Level- (D) For now that is what it is going to stay at, If I change my mind and watch some more I will let you know.


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Just a dire hard anime fan, not an Otaku as I find that word degrading. But anime isn't my only hobby, I also enjoy showing dogs in various competitions (conformation, obedience/rally, hunt tests, etc)
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