C: Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai

So it is official, the Fall 2010 anime season has come to an end. As we wrap up the anime we have decided to watch this season, it is time for reflection and reviews of said anime. That is just what I am going to do with my selections. First up is an anime, I actually didn’t think I would like. My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute is the name in English. But as I watched I started to actually enjoy it. So here is the review.

The cast of Ore no Imouto

Story: (9) The story is quite interesting. Breaks the stereotype that girls don’t think about eroge as much as men do. The story follows a brother and sister duo, the brother thinks that his sister hates him, and it really does seem like that as she is always calling him a “baka” or a “hentai”, but deep down we find out she really does care about him. Throughout the show, the go through these “life counseling” after Kyousuke finds out Kirino’s dirty little secret. See Kirino likes eroge games, and not just any eroge game, she likes ones involving little sister’s and big brothers, she also like cute anime. Mainly just  likes the sisters, now don’t get the wrong idea, it isn’t what you think. I won’t reveal any more as I don’t like to put spoilers. The story develops really nicely, I have no complaints about that. The story is told from the brother’s perspective which is something new. The awkwardness and the weird situations, Kyosuke has to go through will put a smile on your face and the chuckles will have no trouble getting through.

Art- (10) For an anime like this the animation would be hit and miss, but no way that is not the case. The detail in this anime is impeccable.  The buildings of Akibahara were really well done, so much life like detail. The characters were drawn just as good. Perfect animation for an anime of this caliber.

Sound: (8) I liked the opening, but the endings were forgettable. In fact I barely even listed to the endings, mainly because there were other episodes to watch, but just cause I really didn’t like the endings. The voice acting is superb though. Very good match-ups. Nakamura, Yuuichi as Kyousuke was awesome, you may recognize him as Akira Regendorf from Dance in the Vampire Bund, or Kadota from Durarara, or even Tomoya from Clannad. Taketatsu, Ayana as Kirino was cool as well. She really got her reactions down pact, just a great choice for the character. She can also be heard in K-On as Azusa.

Characters: (9) Great aspect of the anime. You have Kirino the tsundere character towards her brother most of the time, which makes for hilarious scenes. Then there is Kyousuke who is practically afraid of Kirino when she gets like that. Kyousuke is such a great brother though, to put up with Kirino’s shenanigans. And you know every story has one the gloomy supporting character and the weird supporting character. Oreimo is no different, Kuroneko supplies the gloominess, Saori supplies the weird. Then there is the father and mother duo. The father is a hard headed guy, but hey he loves his daughter, in a non illegal way (seriously the show is not like that, stop having dirty thoughts), The mom doesn’t develop enough for us to even make any critique, if someone thinks they can, more power to them.

Overall- (9) Overall I enjoyed this anime, I am glad my first impressions of it did not hinder me from continuing.

Recommendation Level- (A) If you are not into what I have written above then this anime is not for you. But regardless this is a great anime, one of the best of the season. I suggest it should be given a chance, hey what do you have to lose. It is only 24 minutes of your life.


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