E: Yosuga no Sora 12

So here is another episode one, and I wanted to do the last episode of YNS because it was quite possibly the best episode of the season.

Prologue- YNS is on the heavy side of ecchi, practically soft hentai, but it is not full blown hentai. There is an actual story here. YNS is about twins whose parents died and they moved to their old town. Throughout the story, which is divided into 4 arcs, one of those twins finds love with 4 different girls, including his sister. Yes this is twincest. The first two arcs were essentially dreams as Haruka could not make a decision about who really loved. The third arc carried over to the fourth and final arc, the twincest arc. Many people did not like that but whatever what is done is done. Ok on to the actual reviewing part.

Well this was certainly a shock to Nao and Kozue. Caught the twins in the act of the dirty deed. Right at climax too. Kozue took it rather well I think, yeah screaming and running away on her bike, so well. That is what you get for breaking a social norm in Japanese culture by barging into their house like that. Nao, took it well though, and I mean really well. But then again she thought that was going on from the beginning. Poor twins though, now Haruka is doubting their relationship, and doubting that it will work.

Come on Kozue, it wasn’t that bad. Crying over a lost love really your class president, cheer up you can’ look like that while being in charge. She took it really hard I guess, well she did love Haruka. Seriously was there no girl not fawning over the boy.






Oh well It seems the horn dog is not over his sister. Haruka is very confused indeed. He wants to and Sora wants to but Haru knows it is wrong. Well wrong in the sense that it is taboo. But hey they both human beings right? They have urges, of course not all of us have those kind of urges. Well good scene, good scene.

Ouch that must of hurt. How dare Haru! You had every right to storm off Sora, and destroy your room as well. Make Haru worry, and realize how he truly feels.

Oh so that is where you were Sora. I knew it, I knew it, the Lake of renewal was going to have some role during the last episode. And indeed it did. So the twins seemingly drown in this scene. Haru trying to save Sora, Haru can’t swim, and it doesn’t help that Sora keeps flailing and pushing him under. Or was that her plan all along to die with Sora, and be born again? You decide.

Oh look she saved him, or did she? Well some people think they died and this is only them getting ready to go to heaven. Here is my take though. Yes Sora and Haru are alive, they had sex to get themselves warm (hence why Haru said this is warm), and that explains them half naked hugging each other. Sora and Haru ran away together, leaving everything behind the way it was. Except for a cell phone and a new doll (is it so hard to believe Haru bought a new Bunny, to symbolize himself and their new beginning?) The message was only sent to Kazuha, because she was the only one with a cell phone that we know of. It wasn’t a fake message, please who would gain from that? See everything can be explained, if I missed anything just ask.

Starts off on a train, ends on a train, what an ending this was indeed. No boat ending awesome. Aww, such a happy ending, they are going to live together with a friend of their parents I believe it was. Haru had something sweet on his lips that was all Sora was doing. Although a sex scene probably would not have been bad, but ending with that would be kind of corny I suppose. A kiss is just fine, just fine indeed.

I will write a full review of the series in the coming days. Sorry I was late with this one, could not find any pictures. The level of recommendation will be in that review, this was just for the episode. Yes spoilers are in this review, as they will always be in episode reviews.







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