FI: Starry☆Sky

So here is the second first impression review of the winter 2011 season. This time it is Starry Sky, one I have high hopes for.

:The cast

FI: Isn’t much to go on with the first episode out. I do believe this anime will be divided into arcs though. So the first episode is basically an introduction to one guys arc. Yoh (his last name) is a transfer student to a school where all the classes are based on stars. No not the stars in hollywood the real stars up above you. He transferred there from France, because he wanted to meet an old friend again, who he knew was going there. He enrolled in the same curriculum of Astronomy as her as well.  Typical Japanese boarding school though from I have seen so far. The episodes will feel short when they are really not. A plus is the ending is quite good, not much of an opening though. All in all I still think this is going to be a good one.

Also each of these guys is a different constellation. So far we know Capricorn is the red headed guy with red eyes. And that is another thing the color scheme is quite intriguing as it is not normal human colors, I mean red eyes that’s cool. Very vibrant colors. Well we will just have to see more.

Recommendation Level: (B) I will keep it at that level till I get to see more of it.


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Just a dire hard anime fan, not an Otaku as I find that word degrading. But anime isn't my only hobby, I also enjoy showing dogs in various competitions (conformation, obedience/rally, hunt tests, etc)
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