C: Iron Man

So here is the second final review for an anime of the fall/winter 2010. Yep Iron Man, the first of the four Madhouse/Marvel projects. Next up Wolverine in the Winter 2011 season, then X-Men in the Spring 2011, and the fourth is Blade which will probably be Summer 2011. Ok on to the review.

Story- (7) I myself am a Marvel fan, so when I heard Iron Man was going to be made into an anime, I was sort of excited. But the story lacks pizzazz, it isn’t bad but it gets to be boring after a while. Iron Man certainly isn’t my favorite Marvel comic, but I still thought this would be good. Well we all know the story of Iron Man, so I don’t need to go into detail about that. But this Iron Man story follows Tony to Japan, where he is building an Arc reactor station, which will be used for clean energy, pushing Japan into the future. Stark was just about to announce his retirement from being Iron Man, when he was attacked by Zodiac. Zodiac is a group that want to bring Japan back to power through any means possible. Even if it means brainwashing people. Through this story we see Tony fighting back against Zodiac, all the mecha weapons are signs of the zodiac obviously. Throughout the entire series he fights Zodiac, and almost loses everything he has worked for. There were a few twists, but in the end they were quite predictable from scenes before them. So while this anime is watchable, it isn’t something that will get a high rating. The anime isn’t really that bad although the story line could be better.

Characters- (9) This was a better part of this anime. I liked how Tony was portrayed, sort of a womanizer. But he is deep down a good guy in this anime. I think it is weird he knows perfect Japanese, unless somewhere along the line he learned it, or they just did that on purpose. The reporter seems obsessive, typical reporter that will do anything in their power to get the story. The assistant in Japan to Tony was really well done. To fall in love with Tony, gives us good sentimental scenes. The rest of the cast of characters really just fit in well, and made the anime work, even with a mediocre slow paced story.

Art- (8) The art was pretty good. I like how Tony and Iron Man transitioned from comic book to anime. The characters were well designed. The color scheme was realistic. Wasn’t 10 material though. The backgrounds were drawn almost to perfection.

Sound- (10) The voice acting as almost always is superb. Tony’s voice suits him. There are no nail on chalkboard kind-of voices if you know what I mean. As for the soundtrack there is not much of one. The ending was just instrumental. The opening is as well. But eh who am I to complain when I usually just skip those. The sound within the anime was really well done.

Overall- (8) A so-so anime that could have been way better. But still watchable for those comic fans. It isn’t a total let down in my opinion, which it really could have been.

Recommendation Level: (C) So-So. You will probably either love it or hate it, but some of you will find middle ground I am sure.


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