C: Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku

Here is the third of the long list of anime from the Fall 2010 list that I have finished. I decided to write reviews on all of them, just as I have done with the previous two, Oreimo and Iron Man. I do want you to remember that reviews are based on my opinion of the anime, if you have a differing opinion you are more than welcome to express it, but let’s keep it civil shall we. Ok now that I got that disclaimer out, time for the review.


Story- (8) I actually like the story despite some of it’s flaws. Like how incredibly slow paced it is, and doesn’t pick up till later in the anime. This is a supposedly typical school life anime, or so you would think. The problem with calling this a typical school life anime is, I don’t know about you but I never went to high school with vampires. Well not all are vampires, just two. The story is well thought out, but execution of this could have been way better. The story basically revolves around two main characters, and their lives in this school. But a few of the other characters chime in as well.

Characters- (9) By far a decent, well actually pretty good cast of characters. Our main protagonist is Hasekura Kohei, who transferred into the boarding school on Tamatsu Island. See Kohei had always been a migratory bird because of his father’s work. But Kohei was determined not to do that any more and this boarding school was his ticket. Then there is Fuku-Kaichou aka Sendo Erika, one of the three vampires in the show, one of the two that actually go to school. Erika goes through many emotions throughout the show, starting from episode one. I love how much her character develops. The rest of the characters have some development like the sisters, Kanade and Haruna, we find out why Haruna can’t remember things, why Kanade is over protective. I love Iori’s menacing demeanor, he lightens up the show quite well. Kanade however can get quite annoying at times. Other than that, I quite enjoyed the characters.

Art- (10) Superb art. For a show of this caliber, it is great. The characters are drawn quite well. The backgrounds are a lovely sight to see. The movement of the show is in synch, which is great. This is probably the best part of the show itself.

Sound- (8) Forgettable for the most part. The opening is quite enjoyable for a change. Voice acting is as always very good. But again I don’t like Kanade’s voice. But everyone else’s are just fine.

Overall- (8) Overall this anime could be better but hey not bad. I would recommend this anime to anyone looking for a school life/romance anime.

Recommendation Level- (B)


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