C: Yosuga No Sora

So as I promised I am doing a full review on YNS, be it as late as it is. And in honor of blogging every week in 2011, why not start off fully with Yosuga No Sora. Probably one of my favorites of the fall 2010 season. On to the review.

Story: (10) It’s amazing, an ecchi (on the verge of hentai) anime that actually has a good backbone story to it. There are many reasons why I don’t particularly like ecchi as a whole, and that is one of my biggest problems. No story and ecchi is to me just panty shots and fan service, ugh. The promise of twinservice certainly made it worthwhile to see. Yosuga no Sora, certainly is toying with the taboo of incest, much like others in the past have done, but even better. In a day in age where censorship has run amok, it is nice to see this has slip through the cracks. I just love stories that break social norms, it’s a breath of fresh air to me. YNS certainly delivers on that one. YNS is split into 4 arcs, all based on relationships of Haruka’s with different girls. It was confusing to me about that till I learned it was split into arcs, so to future watchers I hope this will keep your confusion to a minimum. Yes YNS is hardcore ecchi, but it is not like there are panty shots at every corner like many tasteless ecchis can be. I just love how the story develops, and has an open ended ending. I will also say there is a lot of fan service in this anime.

Characters- (9) I love the characters, specially the twins. I guess I can talk about the characters, arc by arc. First up Kuzuha, who is a very strong on the verge of controlling character. Very talented with her violin I believe it was. She has her ups and downs as a character, but Haru certainly helped her along the way, standing up to her father and mother. (Although I may be getting my arcs crossed). Akira is a fun and energetic girl who lives at the shrine. I can’t go into to much details because that will reveal important plot pieces. But let’s just say Akira is involved in some plot twists. Quite possible my least favorite character is Nao. I am not sure why, but probably because she can get quite clingy to Haru. And because of what she did to Haru when they were kids. She just has that annoying demeanor about her. Then there is Sora, Haru cute and conniving/controlling little twin sister. Sora is a fragile girl, as she was sick as a child. She is also reclusive to everyone but Haru. There is a strong bond between her and Haru that she would rather die than see it fade away. On to the boys. Ryouhei is a hentai aka pervert, that has his eyes set on Sora, which  kind of annoys Haru. But deep down he can be quite sweet, really deep down. He is also a jokester, which gets on the nerves of Nao. At last Haru, our main guy. Haru is an indecisive character, throughout the show you will notice that. Very knowledgeable as well. But he is a sex-crazed boy I’m afraid. He loves his sister very much and will do anything for her. All the rest of the characters don’t have enough development to mention about them.

Art- (10) The art is pretty good, I like it. The backgrounds are realistic and quite beautifully done. Colors are vibrant at times. Character lines are clean which I like to see. The movement throughout the series is swift and very believable. Really makes you feel like you are in the story.

Sound: (9) I loved the opening it fits this anime well. The timing of different music was done perfectly, very soothing music during happy or peaceful scenes, and then the dark music for the sad scenes. The voice acting is as superb as it always is. They all fit their characters which is great for this type of anime. I think it is kind of funny that the first name of Haru and Sora’s voice actors are Hiro and Hiroko. Have to wonder if that was done on purpose or not.

Overall: (10) Overall this is a great anime. Really shows what can happen when a taboo is broken. I love that it goes through a lot of social dilemmas. Also love the fact that there is no boat ending, if you know what I mean. When watching this, try and keep an open mind, if you believe this is against you morals then don’t watch it.

Recommendation Level: (B)


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