FI: Rio: Rainbow Gate

During the next few weeks the winter 2011 season will be in full swing. This is the third anime I have checked out, so far my expectations have been shot. Hopefully things will pick back up.

The Goddess of Victory


FI: When I first read the description of what this anime was going to be about. I am not going to lie, I really did think it was going to be crap. But since I vowed to myself to give every first season anime of winter 2011 a chance, I did just that. And to my surprise, Rio was far from crap. It is actually quite good.

Rio is based on a picture that is on one of Japan’s favorite casino games, the slots. Yeah I am not lying that is exactly what this is based on. I know it’s a stretch I thought so too when I was first reading about it.

As I watched the first episode, some things definitely stuck out about it.

1) This anime is about gambling, how many anime are really about gambling? Seriously, not many.

2) It actually has a decent story/plot to it, somewhere, somehow it is there. Can’t really explain it.

3) It is funny as hell, even through all the fan service, I toughed it out because it is very funny. The characters are witty, and that is a breath of fresh air.

4) Weird names, ok we have some americanized names, Rio, and a girl named Mint. Yeah you read me right, Mint. Well the creators do get a gold star for originality in my mind.

5) The casino owner is a hentai, no wonder there is so much fan service. The attire is all to service his fetish.

6) Lastly the scenery and backgrounds, and overall art of the show is done quite well. For an anime of this caliber that is.

So if you like gambling, ecchi, some weirdness, and some comedy, I think you are going to like this.

Recommendation Level: (B)


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