FI: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

It is that time again for another first impression review. I hope you are enjoying these. I do plan on picking one anime to review throughout the season, but I just have not found that one yet. I hope it will be Gosick but we will see. OK now that I have rambled let’s start the review, shall we.

Why is the animation in this picture better than the show?


FI: Madoka Magica is an original anime done by Shaft, yeah you heard me Shaft. With a name like Shaft and Aniplex behind it, you would think this would be spectacular. But it just falls short. Now don’t get me wrong I did enjoy the first episode but there were some things that I did not expect.

Well for starters, the character animation is weak at best. Not something I would have expected from Shaft. The other animation in the show is fine, till you get into the weirdness part. I mean look at that picture, why is that better animation than the actual show? Did shaft have a low budget or something?

This show get very weird at parts, that can only be explained by a picture.

What the hell are those things?


See what I mean? Yeah weird.

But there are some high point in this anime. Like the color panel, just quite amazing at times. Very vibrant and just lovely.

The story/plot is interesting, it will be great to see how it develops. Right now I am sort of confused because it didn’t give much explanation. But from what I gather, this was a dream of one girls or maybe two of them, and after another girl transfered to their school. This weird magical creature showed up to give them a proposition. Well we will see if they take it.

Also the music in this anime is superb, some of the voice acting not so much, guess because they are lolis they need more high pitched voices. I love the calmness of most of the music but then during an action seen it picks up the tempo.

Recommendation Level: (C) I’m on the fence as you can see.


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1 Response to FI: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

  1. rin says:

    the unexpected traits other animation companies do not use are the strength of shaft.
    Watch bakemonogatari and ef series.

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