FI: Freezing

Well a new day, and more new anime has come out. Freezing is the first of the day, hopefully Wolverine will get subbed later but if not there should be other anime out today. If not oh well, less writing for me lol. Ok nuff kidding on to the review.

Oh what a scary scowl.

Freezing is a surprise anime this season, as I thought it was going to be real ecchi/harem like but it is actually quite tasteful. There is some ecchi but it is not plastered all over the scene. Freezing is essentially about a dystopian future where aliens have declared war against our planet. Women (once again women take the lead in this anime, seems to be a recurring theme this season), are either forced to or they volunteer for this Pandora program where they become super beings to fight the aliens called nova. The men some how have the ability to freeze the nova, hence the name, and are partnered up with each pandora. Seems interesting enough doesn’t it. Well this anime will follow a boy whose sister gave her life to the pandora program. As you can imagine this becomes an interesting part of the first episode.

So here are a few things I thought stood out.

1) The first episode is basically is all about explaining the program and a flash back to one particular fight, that I won’t go into too much detail about. And it also shows us the training of the number 1 student.

2) Yes this is a school and they are being trained in a school. Sophomores choose their partners from the freshman class. Won’t tell you why, you just have to watch.

3) There is lots of action, and lots of blood. Girls arms get ripped off for gawd sakes. How cool is that? Not the ripping the arms off part of the girls, but just how much action packed this anime is.

4) There is a hint of some comedy, but I feel like it is not going to be a pivotal part of the anime so I did not add it as a genre.

5) The sound is quite possibly the best of all the new anime so far. I love the opening and ending, as they fit this anime very well. Sort of techno at times but really good.

6) Art is fantastic, nuff said.

Recommendation Level: (A)


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