FI: Wolverine

Finally after waiting three days, Wolverine has been subbed. Was it what I was expecting, read on and find out.

So a wolverine anime, kinda interesting don’t yah think. Well this is the second of four projects that Marvel has teamed up with Madhouse to create, yeah I know what you are thinking Marvel is taking over the world. Well technically since Disney owns Marvel, Disney is taking over the world. I know it can be sad sometimes to think of that, but in this case, I think we can make an exception.

There isn’t much known about the plot of the story, just that Wolverine is in love with a Japanese woman that mysteriously disappears one day. And when he finds out where she is he goes to Tokyo and liberate her. Yeah seems kind of boring but thats all I got from the first episode.

Other than the story being hush hush, here are somethings I thought were interesting.

1) Logan’s voice actor was not what I expected it to be. At first I really hated his voice, and believe me you will to. But after watching the show fully, it sort of grew on me, but we will have to see, there is much more of this anime to be seen.

2) The settings are really realistic, that is something great to see. Madhouse did a great job with both of the Marvel stories so far.

3) I have absolutely no clue what the first part of the show was about. You will have to watch to see it, maybe one of my readers could explain it to me.

4) There were a few flashbacks to a scene that happened a year ago.

5) It was a pretty average first episode, not spectacular. I was hoping it would be better. I do like the character animation though. Let’s hope it gets better, specially better than Iron Man was.

Recommendation Level: (B)


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