FI: Hourou Musuko

So sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I was out doing my other passion (dog shows), and the hotel we stayed in didn’t have any internet connection. Don’t you just hate when that happens? But I am back and ready to do some more first impression reviews.

So shiny

So Horou Musuko is about some middle school kids discovering their genders. Deals with various issues of transsexuality, beginning of puberty, and gender identity. Follows two kids on their journey to finding out just who they are and what they are. I assume this anime will go through the trials and tribulations that young transsexual kids have to go through. We have already seen a few.

Here are some thoughts

~ The art is fantastic. As stated above they are very shiny though, while that is an interesting approach it does look like they have a ton of grease in their hair. But all in all fantastic.

~ While the art is fantastic, the way the story is conveyed is not. Personally I found it boring, and very confusing. They did skip the first six chapters of the manga, so you may want to go back and read.

~ We see at least one trial/tribulation of acceptance in the first episode. While Nitori’s friends accept him for what he is, his sister does not. His parents don’t even seem to know about it. The girl who wants to be a boy, is too shy to come out and say it, so yeah I guess that is another one.

~ It was really slow paced, and did have lines from a nursery rhyme I believe it was. “What are little boys/girls made of?”

~ The voice acting of Nitori was not the best. I mean hiccuping when you are suppose to be crying. Monotone at various times was not the best idea.

Recommendation Level- (C) Really think my prediction at the beginning is going to come true.


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