About Reviews

So this is how my reviews are gonna work. It is similar if not identical to the ways MAL sets up their reviews, as I like their format.

I will give a rating of 1-10 in each category and 1-10 overall will be the last category. At the end of each review I will put a note as to how much I recommend watching this anime, with a letter grade (A being top class anime, to E being the worst thing to happen to anime). Obviously first impression reviews will not have this at the bottom as I won’t know much about them.

The categories will be:

Art: Basically what I thought of the artist’s style, penmanship, and what not

Character: What I liked about the characters, what I disliked, etc. etc.

Sound: Probably one of my favorite parts of anime is the sound, without good sounding seiyuus and music, anime would be pretty dull.

Story: This really is self-explanatory but I will state my views on the overall story, how it flows, the content, what it is about without revealing any juicy spoilers.

And lastly my overall impressions: Basically I will summarize what I have seen, what I like and dislike and if I recommend this anime or not.

Also in the titles there will be abbreviated key codes or whatever you want to call them, here is the key to knowing what they mean.

FI-First Impression

C: Completed (meaning I have finished the anime)

D: Dropped (meaning I have dropped watching this anime for whatever reason)

M: Middle (meaning I am in the middle or have watch some of the anime, and want to give a review of what I have seen so far, this will be more for longer anime)

E: I decided I will do a few episode reviews. If the episode is awesome or strikes an extreme reaction then I will make one. It will have spoilers as I will be talking about the episode. It will also be in different format, not sure how I am going to do it, but we will find out.

If you think of anything you would like to see in my reviews, go right ahead and comment I love hearing other people’s ideas (as long as they are not too stupid).


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